A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ERIKA GIBSON for taking time away from her ceramics to put together a website that I could actually update all by myself at any time and not have to ask her to do it for me. I LOVE IT!  For some reason she seemed really happy to do this.      

Visit her WEBSITE and/or follow her on INSTAGRAM

ALSO, A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO TODD COATS. He has devoted literally years to solving my impossible requirements for a new identity (why are you laughing?) and successfully created a branding that is the most amazing, huge, smart, and whatever other Trumpian adjective you care to insert here or anywhere. He has worked under such duress that it will deserve it’s own blog post.

Here he is teaching David Letterman how to use post-it notes.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORK. The titles for the groups of images refer either to the title of a consistent body of work, or to the idea driving the creative process behind the work in that group. For example The Search will be where I post my doodles. They usually begin with no conscious intent and simply evolve as I search for their meaning. The Found are images that have significant meaning to me. I will devote future blog posts to the explanation of some of those works.

Finally, this site is organic and will change. I am still working on the FENG SHUI-ing. So, if you have suggestions on how I can make your experience more zenful, please let me know. 

  1. ✔️ Encourage helpful people in your life by hanging a pleasant-sounding wind chime. 
  2. ☐ Place an energetic fountain near your front door.  
  3. ✔️ Clear the entryway to your home. 
  4. ✔️ Make sure your home encourages learning. 
  5. ✔️ Get rid of unwanted frustrations by fixing broken objects. 
  6. ✔️ Spice up your love life with plants in the bedroom. 
  7. ✔️ Position your bed to feel safe, loved, and great.
  8. ☐ Block drains to keep dollars from draining out of your pockets. 
  9. ✔️ Boost your career with a better desk position